"A lot of things aren't worth doing, but almost anything is worth telling."
Ursula K. LeGuin, "Shroedinger's Cat"

Monday, December 31, 2012

Strategy: FAIL

I had a great holiday with my family at my sister's house in Battle Creek, Michigan.  My nephew, the oldest grandchild, came down from Canada where he lives.  He and I have bonded over video games over the past few years.  We both enjoy role-playing games, and this year I gave him a copy of my all-time favorite game Dragon Age: Origins.  (My current picture for this blog is my DA:O avatar, in fact.)

My nephew also really enjoys strategy games, but I can't bond with him over those.  I've never been good at those kind of games because I don't plan ahead.  Risk, chess, even checkers.  I never won them as a kid growing up because I didn't have the capacity to see more than one move ahead.  And I still don't.  My life has been a testament to a lack of forethought.  Just call me Epimetheus.

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